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Vice Chairman Wang Linggui Attends China Think Tank Management and Ideological Communication Summit 2017

Author: Source: Time:2017-12-22

ute for Global Strategy of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was chosen by Chinese Think Tank Index (2017-2018). As a representative, Wang Linggui, executive vice chairman, was invited to attend this summit forum. In addition, more than 700 experts and scholars from think tank management departments of the central, provinces and cities, think tanks of the China Think Tank Index (CTTI), think tank research communities and the ideological and theoretical circles attended the meeting.
The forum aims to provide a high-level platform for national ideological and theoretical circles and the think-tank community to exchange theories, academies and experiences by taking the media advantages of Guangming Daily and the academic advantages of Nanjing University. It also creates an annual platform of publication and dissemination for research results and construct an exchange network for high-level think tanks and research institutions in China.
The executive vice chairman Wang Linggui conducted in-depth exchanges with many think tank experts, scholars, researchers. They jointly participated in two special activities of “Special Conference for Excellence Achievements of Think Tanks from CTTI” and “Symposium for Ideological and Theoretical Hot Topics 2017”, which analyzes this year's hot topics and dissemination trend of ideological theory, highlights and experience of think tank building, excellence achievements of think tanks from CTTI.