Brief Introduction
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The NIGS(National Institute for Global Strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)) is one of the top 25 think-tanks firstly established by the end of 2015 by the Chinese government, professionally engaging in international political studies as the pilot think-tank. Its main research covers the areas such as China’s global strategy, China’s peripheral security and the Belt and Road Initiative. CAI Fang, the vice President of CASS, is the Chairman of board of directors of NIGS. FU Ying, the Chairperson of Members of the foreign affairs committee of the 12th National People's Congress, is the Chairman of Academic Committee of NIGS. Wang Linggui acts as the Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors and Secretary of NIGS.

The NIGS secretariat is located in the National Institute of International Strategy (NIIS), CASS.